Hit and Run Outlaws Fall Ball 2019

Fall Ball 2019 Registration Form

Player Cell Phone Number
Player Date of Birth
Player Age on May 1, 2020
School Grade for 2019-2020
Primary Parent/ Guardian Phone Number
Secondary Parent/ Guardian Phone Number
I give my approval for my child's participation in the Outlaws activities listed above. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activities and the transportation to and from the activities and in the event of injury to my child, I waive all claims, and do further release, absolve and hold harmless Hit & Run Outlaws / Hit & Run Sports Center, its organizers, board members, directors, managers, coaches, supervisors and sponsors. I acknowledge that my child is in good health and can participate in athletic activities. In case of accident or injury, I understand that Outlaws will attempt to contact me first, then my emergency contact listed above, but in any event, Outlaws may contact the local police and request emergency assistance.
I hereby place a deposit for my player that is mentioned above. I understand that once this form is complete, the internet browser will direct me to the deposit page through the E-Soft Planner System. I understand that registration is not complete until the deposit is paid in full. I understand that this deposit does not reflect the full amount of tuition for the Hit and Run Outlaws. I understand that this deposit will be subtracted from total player tuition. I understand that the deposit will be forfeited if player and/ or family chooses not to commit in entirety to the Hit and Run Outlaws Program. I understand in the event there is no team being fielded by the Hit and Run Outlaws at the particular age or grade level of the player, the deposit will be refunded in full.