November Camps/Classes:

Ground Up Bat Speed Development

November 9th-December 2nd

Developing hitters swings in a fun atmosphere where we are going to be tracking their progress in an objective and subjective way wiht the focus being on overall bat speed and swing mechanics. (Ages: 9-18)


– Video Anlysis

-Tracking Exit Velocity

-Individual Programming

Roundtable with Alan Sandberg

November 24th

Regoinal Scout for the Altana Braves.


-Difference between different Divisions, Conferences, and Development (D1, D2, D3, JUCO)

-What is looked for in a prospect

-College Scholarships

-Prospect routines and behaviors

December Camps/Classes:

R.E.P.S. T-Ball

Beginning in December

Fun and energitic T-ball league for ages 4-8 Includes:

-Games every weekend

-Skill session during the week

-Great way to build social skills and to help athletic development

Catching Clinic with Hunter Silvernail

Beginning December 3rd

This Clinic covers every aspect of the catching position including stances, recieving, blocking, throwing (arm motion and mechanics on throws to the bases), all fielding skills and proper stretching and conditioning. Each catcher will be held to a standard the parrallels their skill level. 

Fielding Clinic with Frank Rodriguez

December 5th Youth: 2pm High School: 3pm

Frank is a former professional baseball player and current SUNY Maritime Assistant Head Coach.

Clinic will cover:


-Glove positioning

-Approches to the ball

-Drop steps/angles

-Prep Steps

-Hop recognition

Other Info

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