Hit & Run Sports Center

is a 9,000 square foot facility which contains: 6—14 Foot Wide Batting Cages, 2—75 Foot Pitching Lanes, automated Iron Mikes, Juggs and 3 Wheel pitching machines. Areas can be opened up for approx. a 2,800 and 3,750 sq ft. area to be used for multi-sports and other activities.

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Current Space

1 Hour/Session Price

1/2 Hour Price

Rental Battling Cage
1,2,4,5,6 & 7



Rental Pitching lane
3,7 & cage 8



Full Main Space 70′ x 40′
approx 2,800 sq ft.
Full New Space 60′ X 50′
plus Gym (25′ x 30′)
approx 3,750 sq ft.


Trainer with a Practice


Discounts only appy for prepaid contracts:

6 to 9 Sessions = 10 % discount

10 to 19 Sessions = 15% discount

Full New or Main space $285 (2 hour)

Hit and Run Sports Training Center offers amazing facilities to help you be a baseball pro

John James

Hit and Run Sports Center staff are really awesome people and helped me in a lot of ways.

Frederick Luna

Hit and Run Sports Center is the best place to be guaranteed.

Dwyte Thane

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